Artilin 3A Mate
Artilin 3A Mate is an insecticide and acaricide waterborne matt paint, for interior walls and ceilings. This paint destroys by contact, for at least 5 years, mosquitoes, flies and mites.

What is Artilin 3A Mate?

Vector-born diseases such as malaria and dengue fever are not only issues in the home, but they are also a concern on a job site. Mosquitoes, mites and other insects don’t care whether you are at home or on-site, they willingly bite and spread disease all the same. On the job, the spread of disease can cost your business through sick employees, staff replacements, training of extra workers, lost time and many other inefficiencies that cost businesses hundreds of billions of dollars every year. 

This is why we have partnered with CIN to add their 3A Mate to our range of product offerings. Artilin 3A Mate is a pyrethroid water-based matt paints that employs the latest formulations to kill mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, dust mites and other vectors by simple contact for at least 5 years. As it works by contact, 3A Mate only needs to be applied as a finishing coat. 

Benefits of Artilin 3A Mate

For use on interior walls and ceilings on-site, Artilin 3A Mate is not only an anti-insect and anti-mite paint, but its formulation is also mould resistant and prevents spider webs. Therefore, in addition to protecting your team from vector-born illnesses, it also contributes to improved hygiene and reduction in allergic factors. 

Unlike other insecticides, 3A Mate does not use propellant gas and does not require a specific device for application. Additionally, it meets all requirements of the relevant European legislation. Other features include: 


  • Ready to apply 
  • Organophosphates free 
  • No emissions 
  • No harmful effects for humans
  • Best solution for health protection and wellbeing. 

Key Differentiator

The development of Artilin 3A, a top-quality insecticide paint, has taken many years. This means that it follows a simple process to kill the insect while being harmless to humans. The three steps are:


  1. The insect lads in the painted surface, where the active molecules are enclosed.
  2. The active molecules enter in the nervous system of the insect through its legs.
  3. The active molecules act through the sodium channels of the insect, causing an over activity in its system, leading to its death in a few moments. 
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