CharCoat are the leading suppliers of passive fire protection for your assets and cables.

What is CharCoat?

CharCoat’s range of products provide passive fire protection for electrical cables, penetrations and utility poles. The unique properties of the range of CharCoat products make it the best performing product in the market.

CharCoat Cable Coating (CharCoat CC) has been purposely designed for Fire Rating electrical cables and cable systems in Hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon environments. It is currently certified up to 90 minutes in these conditions and has a life expectancy of more than 30 years in fully exposed offshore conditions and onshore mines.

CharCoat Xtend is ShieldCrete’s proprietary solution that can prolong the service life of your existing exterior and interior electrical cables for up to 20 years. This is done by repairing the cables where required, then applying CharCoat CC to the exterior cable surface where the environment has deteriorated the cable sheath. Our Test Data has shown that Xtend effectively blocks harmful rays and environmental deterioration from the cable sheath. It also protects against saltwater exposure.

Benefits of CharCoat

CharCoat CC is a unique acrylic latex emulsion that has excellent properties to resist weather and aging. CC also remains flexible meaning cables that have been coated can be moved and removed.

One of the unique features of the product is its ability to prevent fires caused by short-circuiting cables and warn you as to the location of such cables. This is achieved by forming an intumescent char at the spot of the short circuit.

CharCoat CC can also be used as a fire-resistant coating for wood poles and bridge piles/beams in high-risk fire areas. CharCoat CC provides pole protection for wooden assets that are used in these risky areas as it self-sacrifices, enabling the pole to be used after the bushfire has burnt away at the coating. Using this product provides overall cost savings when compared to factory applications or replacing the pole and wires after fire-related failure.

CharCoat CC and Xtend have received the following test certifications:

  • FM3971
  • FM3971 – No Deration
  • IEC 60331-11/21 – 750°C (HV)
  • IEC 60331-11/21 – 1100°C
  • IEC 60332-3 – Spread of flame
  • IEEE-383 – Flammability Test
  • ASTM E 84 – Flammability Test
  • ASTM E162
  • ASSTM D4256-83 – Nuclear Test
  • ASTM D2565 – UV Stability Test
  • 870C Radiant Temp Test
  • Tested to 2hrs resistance at 950°C radiant temp exposure.
  • Tested to resist rodent gnawing

Key differentiator

CharCoat CC is the only intumescent, external grade fire rated cable coating in the world. CharCoat CC is a lot safer to applicators than other products on the market too. As an intumescent coating, there are no glass fibres in the product that can cause irritation and potential respiratory issues. CharCoat also contains no halogens or other hazardous chemicals that can increase safety risks to applicators and asset owners. Combined with being an easy to apply product, applicators love CharCoat when they convert from other products.

Technical Documents

Available Downloads: SDS (Safety Data Sheet), TDS (Technical Data Sheet)


Product specific details

For more product specific details from the CharCoat range, give ShieldCrete a call today or head to

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