Coating Solutions for Automotive

From corrosion resistance to temperature management to abrasion protection, we supply products and services for our customers that use vehicles that are vital in the manufacturing and auto industry.
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Coating Solutions for Automotive Industry

The commercial automotive industry is one that can benefit greatly from the use of coatings in the manufacturing process.

ShieldCrete® provides quality coating products in the commercial automotive space, providing asset owners with a better way to manage and maintain their vital assets. From corrosion resistance to temperature management to abrasion protection, we supply products and services for our customers that use vehicles that are vital in the manufacturing and auto industry.

Employing coatings that help increase efficiency, productivity, durability and meet regulatory requirements can save your business time, money and headaches in the long run.

Coating Solutions We Offer

Truck Bed Lining

If you want to keep the beds of your fleet of trucks from as much damage as possible, then lining the truck bed is enough. ShieldCrete®’s ShieldPoly F15 is a spray-in liner that provides protection for truck beds from the daily wear and tear they can face.

As a spray-in liner, it completely coats the truck bed surface, molding with all grooves creating an air and watertight seal. This protects your asset from rust, heat, UV rays, dirt and anything else the elements can throw at you to damage the bed’s surface.

Prevention of scratching and dings…

The application of ShieldPoly F15 also provides the added benefit of creating a layer of additional friction in your truck’s bed, reducing the risk of slipping and providing a better grip for whatever you are transporting.

Bitumen Trucks and other refrigerated or heated vehicles

Bitumen trucks face high temperatures on a regular basis. Not only can this be bad for the truck, it can also provide a safety risk for workers on site. With CharCoat CTI, you can keep the outside of your truck cool despite the external conditions. CTI can assist in preventing accidental burns and…

CharCoat CTI can also be used to insulate heat on a range of other vehicles and containers. This is due to CTIs ability to prevent radiant heat transfer…

Fuel Tank Coating

External of trucks

Fuel tank coating – F15

Tree Lopping Trucks

Tree lopping trucks face regular abrasion from the scraping and dumping of trees onto the truck bed. Without proper care, the truck bed can quickly succumb to rust due to the stripping of paint and the scraping of the metal tray. ShieldPoly F15 provides an extra layer of protection for those who want to protect their assets. With a Xmm coating, F15 can protect your truck bed for up to…

Not only does it prevent scraping of the original asset, it also provides cover from the elements. ShieldPoly F15 acts as a waterproof sealant and is UV resistant, meaning that you can continue tree lopping, whatever the weather.


Semi-trailers are tasked with hauling incredibly abrasive materials. Whether it’s agricultural, mining or construction, these vehicles are constantly subjected to abrasion, corrosion and other damage. A coating for your semi-trailer will provide protection that will increase performance and lifespan of the rig.

Mining Trucks

There are few commercial vehicles that face a harder job than those on mining sites. With a massive workload under arduous conditions, the protection of these trucks is vital. The team at ShieldCrete® are well versed in the heavy impact, wear and tear, and corrosion faced by these vehicles. ShieldPoly F15 can be used on the underside of mining trucks to reduce the impact of abrasive materials and prevent corrosion. With a wide range of uses on the mining site, you can be sure that F15 is up for the task.

How can we help you?

ShieldCrete® helps all industry segments to identify relevant corrosion protection solutions for their assets. By providing expert industry advice across the full scope of assets, environmental protection, reduction of costs, lost opportunity (downtime) and waste, we help you to implement measures with the goals of maximising all asset potential. Integrated service delivery is the key element — providing both value and reduced maintenance to our clients. We identify opportunities and implement solutions in a connected and considered way, so that we deliver value where it makes the biggest difference to the growth of your business.

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Featured Case Study
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