Coating Solutions for Mining

Our advanced coating solutions can extend the life expectancy of your mining equipment, reducing repairs and replacement costs. The extensive knowledge and experience of our team means we can apply ourselves to deliver coating solutions that extend service life and reduce downtime.
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Coating Solutions for Mining

The maintenance upkeep in the mining industry is one filled with many challenges and difficulties when it comes to asset maintenance in a tough environment. Abrasion, corrosion, high impact, erosion and oxidation are all commonplace in every mine site. This is due to abrasive materials, maintenance installation requirements i.e. scaffolding damage, impact from handling and moving parts and equipment in change out added corrosive chemicals, water exposure and variable atmospheric conditions. If mining equipment remains unprotected, the damaging toll will hurt your long-term operating costs.

This pain can be made even worse when future maintenance is not taken into account in the planning and development stage of a new project. With 1-5 years life expectancy for epoxy and 3-7 years for rubber, time restraints for maintenance needs to be taken into account. With both rubber and epoxy replacements taking weeks to reach its full ability, your mining project can be left in the lurch.

Coating Solutions We Offer


Concrete bunds are open to exposure of a range of different chemicals and processes. Without protection, these bundings can face strong degradation due to chemicals wearing away the concrete. ShieldCrete® offers long-term corrosion resistance with the use of ShieldPoly F15. When primed with either ShieldPrime Uni or Geofabric.

There is the potential to use high chemical resistance topcoats.

We understand the pain of losing recovered product in the cracks and crevices of unprotected and unsealed bunds and flooring in areas of high mineral value such as gravity circuits and gold rooms. We can fully and seamlessly coat these areas to prevent losses in these areas of value.


Used in the transportation of materials from one process to another, abrasion and impact degradation is to be expected. The wear and tear of chutes can be increased due to chemical attack due to the high level of chemicals often seen in slurry solutions. ShieldCrete®’s ShieldPoly F15 can be used in mining chutes to reduce the wear on the equipment. Normally applied between 6-10mm, F15 provides an extremely durable surface that reduces the short and long-term costs of asset maintenance.

CIL Tanks and Thickeners

CIL tanks and thickeners provide a core part of the extraction process for gold. The process of leaching and adsorption can agitate the walls of the tanks. Combining our primer products with polyurea can. We recommend priming with either ShieldPrime SP or UNI, before applying ShieldPoly F15. Depending on the requirements of the application, we normally apply the polyurea coating to a thickness between 4mm to 8mm.

Conveyor Belts

At ShieldCrete®, we have solutions for both the repair of conveyor belts and the protection of the supporting steelwork.

Conveyor belts – for actual belt repairs is BeltShield. For protection of the supporting steelwork, ShieldPoly F15 or HA-1

Evaporation Ponds, Tailing Dams and Leech Ponds

Dams and ponds can provide a very economical and efficient storage solution when maintained properly. Storing large quantities of water, wastewater, leachates and tailings is a must in the mining industry. Lining your dams and ponds can prevent water loss or soil contamination through seepage.

Use Geofrabric and F15

By using a polyurea coating, there are no seams that can fail, offering long term assured protection that plastic liners cannot.

Flotation Cells

The slurry material that circulates in the flotation cell is very abrasive. The suspended particles scratch and scrape the walls and floors of the cell, leaving bare metal exposure that results in corrosion and erosion. The chemicals used to separate the fine solids out of the mixture accelerates this corrosive process. The ShieldPoly F15 formulation provides a coating that has exceptional physical properties such as high hardness, flexibility, tear strength, tensile strength, chemical and water resistance.

Above Ground and Underground Pipes

For above ground pipes, coatings protect the outside of the pipe from corrosion and UV wear. Excellent UV resistance can extend the life of the pipes and also reduce the risk of failure leading to costly unplanned downtime.

External corrosion to pipes underground or underwater needs to be prevented too. Durability is key due to the high costs associated with digging up pipes for further maintenance or for the failure of a pipe that was inadequately protected from external corrosive agents.

For both above ground and underground pipes, we recommend the use of ShieldPoly F15. An application of 2mm thick provides.

Potable Water Tanks and Tank Boot Seals

ShieldPoly F15 is perfect for use on potable water tanks and tank boot seals due to its…

An application thickness of 2mm provides protection from… for up to…

Structural Steelwork

Structural steelwork in harsh environments – all F15 but different thicknesses.

How can we help you?

ShieldCrete® helps all industry segments to identify relevant corrosion protection solutions for their assets. By providing expert industry advice across the full scope of assets, environmental protection, reduction of costs, lost opportunity (downtime) and waste, we help you to implement measures with the goals of maximising all asset potential. Integrated service delivery is the key element — providing both value and reduced maintenance to our clients. We identify opportunities and implement solutions in a connected and considered way, so that we deliver value where it makes the biggest difference to the growth of your business.

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Featured Case Study
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