ShieldProof is added with anti-slip material, low viscosity, solvent free, two component polyacrylate dispersion resin, hardener a crosslinking agent. ShieldProof Anti-Slip can be operated after mixing 4:1 ratio, it is two component mixed paint, can adjust viscosity with water according to actual construction by painted or sprayed.
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Technical Documents

Available Downloads: SDS (Safety Data Sheet), TDS (Technical Data Sheet)


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SCS-TDS ShieldProof Anti-Slip ver2022_1 PDF format8025-10-2022 DownloadPreview
SCS-TDS ShieldProof 115 ver2022_1 PDF format8825-10-2022 DownloadPreview
SCS-TDS ShieldProof 113 ver2022_1 PDF format9325-10-2022 DownloadPreview
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