Coating Solutions for Construction

ShieldCrete® provides coating solutions for various substrates used in the Building & Construction sector. We work closely with you to improve the performance, safety and lifespan of your assets.
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Coating Solutions for Construction

All construction companies and asset owners know the importance of protecting their assets, both for the present and the future. Without proper protection, assets face greater susceptibility too. ShieldCrete® provides coating solutions for various substrates used in the building and construction sector. We work closely with you to improve the performance, safety and lifespan of your assets.

Coatings during the construction phase can decrease future maintenance costs, saving you time and money over the long-term. Our advanced coating solutions are designed to protect your assets with minimal time lost to application. Whether you are looking to protect concrete, cables, structural steelwork or improve insulation, we have a solution for you.

Coating Solutions We Offer

Concrete Sealing

When properly protected, concrete can last decades longer by preventing water and contaminates from breaking down the concrete. Concrete is popular in use due to its solid and versatile nature. However, it is also porous, and this can be made worse through joints, cracks, opening and penetrations can increase the speed of degradation. To maintain integrity, we recommend spraying a protective coating.

At ShieldCrete®, we recommend the use of Spray-Lock Concrete Protection (SCP) products. SCP is specifically engineered to penetrate the capillaries and pores of reinforced concrete structures to protect embedded reinforcing steel. In addition, SCP reconditions the pH of old concrete, and seals and waterproofs the concrete capillary and pore structure, hence improving resistance to chemical and environmental attack.

Cable Fireproofing

Industrial fires can be devastating, not only to human life, but also to the facility and assets within the facility. Unprotected electrical cables are one of the highest fire risks in any new construction, especially as the number of cables required in new constructions continues to grow. Managing the fire risk presented by cables is one way to minimise the risk to your assets and the people that enter the building.

CharCoat CC is an intumescent cable coating that has been tested and proven to prevent cable fires from spreading out of control. CharCoat CC forms a protective intumescent char when exposed to flame or to a temperature above 175°C, and will also prevent a short circuit within an electrical cable from starting a fire and will help identify the location of the short circuit by forming an intumescent char at the spot. Fire cannot travel under the coating to burn cable due to a lack of oxygen.


External of trucks

Fuel tank coating – F15

Insulation Coatings

Insulation is a vital part of any new development. Without effective insulation, any new construction will become a more expensive and uncomfortable place for people compared to those developments that are well insulated. Whether you are building hotels, shopping centres or offices, insulation is an absolute must. For your latest development in insulation, look no further than CharCoat CTI.

CharCoat CTI has been formulated to provide ceramic thermal insulation protection for various substrates. Whether it be piping, roofing or walls, the superior insulation properties will reduce energy loss, increase efficiency and prevent corrosion. It can also help you save on running costs due to less demand for heating and air conditioning.

Structural Steelwork

Semi-trailers are tasked with hauling incredibly abrasive materials. Whether it’s agricultural, mining or construction, these vehicles are constantly subjected to abrasion, corrosion and other damage. A coating for your semi-trailer will provide protection that will increase performance and lifespan of the rig.

How can we help you?

ShieldCrete® helps all industry segments to identify relevant corrosion protection solutions for their assets. By providing expert industry advice across the full scope of assets, environmental protection, reduction of costs, lost opportunity (downtime) and waste, we help you to implement measures with the goals of maximising all asset potential. Integrated service delivery is the key element — providing both value and reduced maintenance to our clients. We identify opportunities and implement solutions in a connected and considered way, so that we deliver value where it makes the biggest difference to the growth of your business.

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Featured Case Study
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