Batlow Water Potable Tank
Industry / Waterproofing
Client / Tumut Shire Council
Distributor / Shieldcrete Australia
Applicator / Poly Spray Coatings
Project / Application of SCP 743 to stop general leaking and prevent corrosion and ShieldPoly F-15 (U nde r LW P515 brands) to seal the wall-floor joint.
Location / Batlow, NSW, Australia
System / Application (to refusal) of SCP 743, Prime with ShieldPrime UNI, application of ShieldPoly F-15 to 2mm.
Date / March, 2017

Project Description

The council wanted to stop the loss of water from the turn-of -the-century concrete tank.

To minimize cost, the chose n solution was to:

  • Seal the walls of the tank to above the top joint with SCP 743. This has the benefit of stopping efflorescence and leaks through the solid sections of the walls and through small cracks at the joints, whilst also minimizing the progress of any corrosion that is present, increasing the resistivity of the concrete, and minimizing pinholes in additional coatings.
  • Fill bug holes with ShieldPrime UNI mixed with KD sand to form a mortar
  • Prime the surface of the floor and up to ~200mm above the first wall joint above the floor with ShieldPrime UNI
  • Coat the floor and up to ~200mm above the first wall joint with ShieldPoly F-15.

The entire system has been potable water approved to AS4020 with exceptional results. The concrete tank’s life expectancy has now increased by at least 25 years with minimal expense.

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John Doe, CEO